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stone crusher is the main equipment in mining exploration, which is used to process all kinds of materials. jaw crusher and hammer crusher are the popular crushers in processing, both of them have one common advantage: larger capacity. many customers often will recommend jaw crusher or hammer crusher to our customers while designing the production plans, but most of the customers don’t know the difference of this two crushers.


jaw crusher is applied in processing the materials whose compression strength is no more than 320mpa, and it is treated as the coarse and mid-crushing process, which often is the primary crushers in production. large-scale jaw crusher has the strong crushing ability, whose capacity can reach 1500t/h, and it even can process the mineral materials whose feeding size is ≤1360mm.

hammer crusher is to process the mineral materials by the impact strength, which can process the materials whose feeding size is ≤1200mm, and the function of it includes the one time shaping without the secondary crushing and shaping process, so it often can be chosen to process the limestone and the others whose compression strength is no less than 200mpa. large-scale hammer crusher can reach 3000t/h. our engineer can recommend hammer crusher if our customers has the limited budget, the condition is relying on the in-strict granularity.


we can see that jaw crusher and hammer crusher can be chosen according to your requirement, so you can choose one by relying on the function, usage and environment.