Efficient and environmentally
friendly modular sand making building

ZSL series sand making building is a high-grade environmental protection modular dry-processed sand production system independently developed by Great Wall Machinery.
The sand making building adopts the modular assembly method of steel frame structure, which combines the sand making, screening, feeding, conveying, dust removal and other systems in a building structure. Intensive design, small footprint, short construction period, fully enclosed layout, and high environmental protection standards, it is a complete set of high-grade dry sand production systems.

  • Feed size:100mm
  • Processing capacity:60-200TPH
  • Application scope: Water conservancy and hydropower, building materials, municipal engineering, mining, cement, sand and gravel plants, etc..
  • Applicable materials: Limestone, feldspar, calcite, talc, barite, dolomite, kaolin,etc.

technical parameter



Main equipment




Raw material hopper and lifting system

Raw material hopper belt conveyor or NE series elevator

The raw materials are transported to the crushing machine by the lifting system through the raw material hopper



Sand making system

Great Wall Machinery SR Series Sand Making Machine

crushing or reshaping


Fineness modulus adjustment system

Air screen

According to user requirements, adjust the percentage of powder content


Screening system

Vibrating screen

Classification and screening of mixed materials


Finished product discharge system

Belt conveyor

Qualified products are transported by conveyor to finished product silo


Wet mixing system

Wet mixer

The finished machine-made sand is humidified and evenly mixed according to user requirements



Dust removal system

Bag type pulse dust collector, and pipeline

On-site dust collection


Powder tank

100-400t powder tank

The powder collected by the dust collector is concentrated in the powder tank



Bulk system

Bulk machine

Feed the fine powder from the powder tank to the bulk truck



Control System

Centralized control system or PLC control system

automatic control



Building steel frame

Main building steel frame part



Customize other functions according to customer requirements

Product advantages

1.Intensive Design

Small footprint, tower-style design, modular assembly, strong flexibility, suitable for sand making and shaping of various materials.

2. High environmental standards

The sand-making building adopts a fully enclosed conveying, production, and negative pressure dust removal design. The fully enclosed structure realizes that the dust emission concentration at the production site meets the national environmental protection standard; no vibration ensures no sewage and no sludge in the production, and the noise emission meets the national environmental protection requirements.

3. High sand formation rate, comparable to natural sand

The sand making building adopts SR series sand making machine, air screen (free adjustment or control of powder content in finished materials), grading screening module and grading adjustment module to form a return closed-circuit system, which greatly increases the production of 0.6~0.15mm particle size range of sand; the particle shape is polygonal cube, comparable to natural sand, the fineness modulus of the finished product is stable and adjustable between 2.2-3.0, the particle distribution is uniform, and the gradation is continuous and stable; the content of finished stone powder is controllable between 3-15%.

4. Highly intelligent control

Through the centralized control system or PLC automatic control system, all-round online real-time monitoring of the production status of the equipment can be realized to ensure the safety, stability and continuity of each production link.