Efficient centrifugal impact
sand making machine

High-efficiency centrifugal impact sand making machine is favored by the market for its significant advantages such as large feed size, high sand formation rate, low wear and low energy consumption, and integrates high stability and production capacity. This sand machine has several major functions of crushing, sand making, shaping, sand and gravel mixing, and truly realizes a multi-purpose machine

  • Feed size:≤100mm
  • Processing capacity:100-500t/h
  • Application scope: Water conservancy and hydropower, building materials, municipal engineering, mining, cement, sand and gravel plants, etc
  • Applicable materials: Cobblestone, limestone, granite, basalt, iron ore, diabase, quartzite, etc.

technical parameter


Max. Feed Size(mm)


Rotor diameter (mm)

Number of ejection ports

Rotating speed (m/s)
















Product advantages

1.Dual cavity rotor design

The discharge diameter is large, and the available angle of the discharge port is allowed to reach 89°; it reduces the processing flow of materials in the cavity and realizes non-clogging production.

2. Production capacity increased by more than 1 times

Compared to multi-chamber designs, the resulting dual-chamber rotor delivers less air and reduces energy consumption. The energy saved can be used to increase production capacity.

3. The feed size is doubled

The feed size can reach 100mm (the size of conventional sand making machine is about 40mm), which exceeds the feed particle size limit of conventional Barmac series vertical shaft impact crushers.

4. Rotor wear is reduced by more than 1 times

The core part of the rotor is protected by a specially designed alloy cutter head and a protective block. The whole machine is equipped with a vibration switch and a high-strength rubber damping device, so as to ensure that the rotor body is not worn or cracked. The rotor is made of German standard special alloy material, and after thickening treatment, the service life is extended by more than 1 times.

5. Energy consumption reduced by more than 50%

Driven by a single motor, under the condition of the same output, it can save more than 1 times the electric energy than the conventional VSI sand making machine.

6. The sand forming rate is as high as 50%~60%

The double-cavity structure makes the crushing ratio reach a larger value, and the sand forming rate reaches 50-60%, while the sand forming rate of the conventional VSI sand making machine is 20%-30%, and the sand forming rate is increased by more than 1 times.

7. Less maintenance time

Rotor modular design, only need to replace the severely worn parts, not all of them, thus saving maintenance costs. The electro-hydraulic cover opening device makes it easier and faster to maintain and shorten the maintenance time. The maintenance can be completed in about 2-3 hours, while the maintenance time of the conventional VSI sand making machine is long, about half a day or more.