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impact crusher and cone crusher are mainly used for the tertiary, mid-size crushing process, which are being used after jaw crusher, so both of them are called the secondary crushers. they often are applied in mining, railway, energy saving, cement, metallurgy, building construction ans so on. we can be confused in the questions: which is better in the secondary crushing process?

the difference can be shown in the following 3 aspects:

firstly: impact crusher is to process the brittle and small hardness materials, such as limestone, brick, concrete, coal while cone crusher is to process mid-hardness materials such as river pebble, marble, granite, quartz.

secondly, the output granularity is different. impact crusher owns the micro-shaping function, so its granularity is better, cubic, but its output size only can be adjusted between 10-50cm, so that is the reason why it is often be used in building construction and building materials. the granularity fineness of cone crusher is good because its discharging size can be adjusted in 4-65cm, so it is often applied in ore dressing plant.

thirdly, the cost of cone crusher is a little more expensive than that of impact crusher, but the power consumption of cone crusher is lower while its production is more stable and whose lifespan is much longer, so we can be avoid of the maintenance and replacement of the spare parts. the cost of impact crusher is lower in the prior period, but its maintenance cost is higher than that of cone crusher, so the comprehensive usage function of cone crusher is much better.